Career Change

For the past few days, I have been contemplating about resigning at work and transferring to another company with a different kind of routine. As much as I want to stay at N5, our tiring job and the fact that we have to follow unnecessary, unreasonable and non-justifiable new rules motivate me more to look for another workplace. Since I have a pending application in Canada, I can’t just work abroad. It’s stressful and might cause a lot of hassle. So I opted to apply to a different company where I can gain and earn more. As of now, I am still waiting for the company’s response. I hope that they would call me ASAP. I am actually getting impatient but I keep telling myself to chill and just wait for the right moment to come.

I applied as a medical encoder. The thing is, I do not have a formal training on ICD and the like. We only had a week of training in the hospital that is why I am familiar with ICD. I have been seeing a lot of job postings about medical encoders. If you want to apply directly, they would require you to get a certificate of your code training. But if you do not have any experience, you’ll end up applying to recruitment firms which say that they offer free training and that they do not require any related experience. My fear is that I might end up working as a call center agent.  I have nothing against CSRs; it’s just that it’s not my thing to answer and make calls. Anyway, let’s wait what will happen. The reason why I got interested in applying as a medical encoder is that they earn more like those of the CSRs (of course, I wouldn’t apply if they don’t!). And also, it’s still related to my profession and I am very, very keen to details when it comes to reading charts.

Another job that I applied for is a flight nurse. The job sounds exciting and action packed. Hahaha! I can be part of a paramedic team on the airplane or helicopter. I love it. I love adventures. I also think I am fit for this job since I am used to handling emergency cases. I am really praying hard that they would call me back. I’m pretty sure I will enjoy this job.

I’m praying for some good news in the next few days. :) Till my next blog post! Salut!

Pull Out!

A week ago, we had a power interruption in one of our hospital’s buildings. Unfortunately, our ward is located in that building. As a result, all of our patients were transferred to different wards. And because of this, we were also pulled out to those nursing units. One of the things that I do not like when we have low census of patients is being pulled out to another ward. I don’t have problems in socializing with other nurses but sometimes, I can’t help but feel out of place. We always say that it’s better to be toxic in your own area rather than get bored in an unfamiliar place. It’s more fun when you work with your closest colleagues whom you treat as a family.

So anyway, just want to share with you one of our photos before we were disseminated to other areas. Haha!


But first, let us take an ussie.


The photo above was taken the day before my minor surgery. Thank God I was assigned to an area with the lightest workload. :)

As of yesterday, our unit already started admitting patients. Here’s a billboard-ish pic of us that says, “Welcome to N5! Happy and ready to serve!”


The nth comeback

As I have tweeted earlier, today is one of those days that I want to go back to blogging. But every time I hit the POST button, I tend to be inconsistent because of work load. In the past few months, I have been busy with my online shop as well as my application abroad.

Yes! I have finally decided to apply abroad. I applied as an immigrant somewhere in North America. The last time I fixed such thing was 7 years ago when I tried my luck to be a nurse in California. Too bad, it was’t for me. I guess, God has other plans. And maybe this is what he has been planning, right? Yes, I am claiming it.

Right now, I am currently on sick leave. I underwent incision and drainage at my right gluteal muscle. I know right, that’s kind of embarrassing. Until now, I still cannot understand how in the world I got an abscess on that part without noticing. I just thought it was muscle pain/spasm.

While on a sick leave, I am trying to learn a new language, French. I need to learn this for my application. It is required that we know how to speak and understand French. I am still contemplating whether I will enroll in Ateneo or UP. Alliance is another choice but the thought of going to Makati discourages me. I don’t like the hassle of commuting from Quezon City/Manila to Makati.

Yesterday, I watched Amelie, a romantic-comedy French movie about a girl who changed lives of the people around her. Of course, I had to download subtitle. Then this afternoon, I watched The Other Woman, a comedy film about a guy who cheats on his wife and other girls. It’s funny that the “girls” of that guy were able to get along with each other in order to get back at that cheater. I am not sure if that happens in real life.

That is all for now. I hope that I would be able to blog again if I have updates.